Lenovo IdeaPad 700 – Review

Lenovo IdeaPad 700 – Review

Lenovo IdeaPad 700

The Lenovo IdeaPad 700 was introduced in CES 2016 at Las Vegas, since there is no review about this device (maybe yes in some korean language, but no detailed) I have decided  do it myself.

Gaming performance

I have done some test in my favorite game World of Warcraft on ultra setting that is more CPU single core sensitive and has extremly bad shadows optimalisation.

In this test, shadow and liquid quality is set to high settings instead of ultra because it does not do big difference and Anti-aliasing turned of (CMAA makes about 5 FPS difference in few cases).

  • 30-85 (BG, Warspear)
  • 50-90 (Orgrimar and other mid populated areas)
  • 90+ (All other low populated / exping zones)

CPU cores rarely went above 30% (task manager)

Build quality

Build quality on the Lenovo IdeaPad 700 is really good and also looks and feels durable. Display is made from plastic and it got some metal finish. Keyboard area is metal which looks and feels like metal on my iPad. Bottom is also plastic like the display area, but without the metal finish. Overall look and feel very good. Lenovo did very good job.

Fingerprints on Lenovo IdeaPad 700, are not really visible on metal parts (white edition) but keyboard can get dirty. Just swipe over with cleaning cloth and it´s clean.

Display of Lenovo IdeaPad 700 is jumping a little while typing on legs, but it is not really noticable when you are looking at display and reading something, on train (in Slovakia it is hardcore test) it jumped a lot, but it was acceptable.

Keyboard area is solid, not moving while typing even or hard press.

Keyboard backlight is really good, has 2 levels, does not burn out your eyes. LCD is like on all other lenovos, I cannot really see difference between this and ThinkPad L450. But it´s much much better then what I have seen on Dell inspiron 15 (5000).

I have some hardly noticable backlight bleeding on bottom between middle and right side which is visible only when booting up the OS.

Sound quality

For me, it is more than good. I think it is far away from bad. Speakers are pretty loud without distorsion, but i have noticed some distorsion if audio file quality is not the best. If you want to have louder speaker with better quality then you should buy an external speaker.

Keyboard and touchpad

Keyboard on Lenovo IdeaPad 700 is very great! Since I am developer it´s very important to me. But it´s still not as awesome as on ThinkPads.

Compared to ThinkPad L450 it needs more pressure, sometimes I miss some letters because I don´t press enough hard (I personnaly have no problem with that). Keys have very good feedback (like on thinkpad) I like that I feel that it pushes my finger up with little force. Finally notebook that has numlock and capslock indicator.

Video about keyboard https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gbkB-tMQYpo

TouchPad on Lenovo IdeaPad 700 is better then on ThinkPad L450. Not too sensitive(can be configured in windows), not too loud, not too hard to press. It works little diferent from touchpads that I am used before because right click with two fingers is combination of two finger touch and real click anywhere on touchpad (pressing touchpad down with 2 fingers). Touchpad has 3 click areas (bottom left, bottom right and touchpad itself). Reardless of this two finger right click, simple click also works with single tap on touchad without pressing it down.

EDIT: Sorry for miss information about “works little diferent”. It works actually the same, maybe it was some out-of-date software or driver.

Battery life and fast charing technology

Since this notebook has an 45W processor and only 3 cell battery by default the battery life is about 4 hours of browsing, light work. It´s a slim, powerfull and elegant notebook so battery life is acceptable.

But it also has a “Fast Charge technology” that you can access in “Lenovo Settings” application (maybe it works by default when you connect into charger, since i have noticed that full charge was done in about one and half hour).

Tips to 5+ battery life

Open up power options (right click on battery indicator) and change settings of “Power saving” present. Search for processor power management and set limit to “50%” maximum processor state (on battery). In that case when your processor will run on half frequency, when you are on battery and you have “Power saving” mode enabled (Not the power saving mode that is in Action Center). Only on half??? Stop panic! It´s an high-end latest architecture i7 cpu with 4 cores. It´s fast even on half frequency for daily tasks like browsing on the go, watching porn or whatever. You can also play with other options to increase battery life. With this setting, windows reported 4-7 hours (depends what are you doing at the moment) of battey life (on low brightness).

Tempnature and cooling

It´s cool enough while doing nothing. At 23°C ambient, temps are between 32-45°C (idle), 45-55°C (while working, listening music on youtube,..) , 55-92 (while gaming).

“Safe” temp limit for this cpu is 100°C according to intel website.

Note: 45°C idle temps are detected while avast is constatly scanning something on 14% cpu load (propably windows update on background)

Overall impressions

I just can recommend. It costed me 1099€ (in Slovakia electronics are more expensive than in US/UK) but I cannot wish better for this price.

If you want to see some benchmarks just google for the cpu and gpu. They are not notebook dependent.

  • Version reviewed:
  • i7 4 core, 8 thread, skylake
  • 126 GB PCI Samsung NVM SSD (900+ read, write 142+)
  • 1 TB 5400 RPM HDD (not benchmarked)
  • nVidia GeForce GTX 950M 4GB
  • Dual fan cooling
  • JBL Audio
  • 1080p FHD IPS 15.4″

External link to this model http://shop.lenovo.com/gb/en/laptops/ideapad/700-series/700-15-inch/

Hope you liked. If yes then please share or something or just leave a comment.

Thank You for reading my ideapad 700 review.

Copyright to article image belongs to Lenovo


  • josh

    thanks for the semi-review!! the part about the keyboard is very well written. personally i think that this kind of keyboard is not suited for touch-typing, since the keys bounce back with too much force.

    • Erik Kubica

      Thank you for reply, you are right. Actally this force can prevent typos, but also causes typos so I cannot decide if it´s good or bad 😀

  • Krystian

    Can you write some think more about Display? colors… etc.

  • Erik Kubica

    Sorry what’s ghosting? About fan noise, on normal usage you cannot hear them, on mid workload they are near to same noise level like a fridge while cooling. While gaming or full load it starts to be a little loud, but 50% of speaker volume can overlap the fan noise. “Sound” of fan is clean airflow, its not annoing. But at the weekend i will record fun noise in video.

    • Krystian

      Ghosting is situation… were the “object” on screen leave a mark in old place… [for a rl short time [rl short] …. its hard to tell ex. what its … it will be better if you see it on YT with the example from there.

    • Erik Kubica

      I have checked some “screen ghosting videos” and i can confirm you, that there is no ghosting. Also I have tested LCD colors based on websites for testing gamma, shadows, black levels,… everything seems to be okay.

  • Krystian

    Thx for all your work…. im thinking about that Laptop for 3 weeks … and no review in WWW …
    So PCI Express NVMe is working ? Did keyboard is noise while typing ?

    • Erik Kubica

      Here is a video about keyboard noise

      Actually it has pretty nice keyboard sound i very like it.

      A quick note to your prev question about cooling and temps. Yesterday i got up to 92 degrees celsius cpu and motherboard temp (while running wow on ultra, dota2 on max, on medium-high it was around 85 degrees). Which is still below maximum of 100 degrees mentioned on “Ark intel” for i7 6700hq.

  • Krystian

    its a powerfull CPU … and gpu is not weak …. so temp are ok [for a laptop that is 2.1 kg …. ]
    did you feel heat while playing on keyboard ?
    Probbably today i will order my laptop 😛

    • Erik Kubica

      On left side where the WSAD keys are, no, its cool. On right side where “enter” is, yes its warm. So it won´t burn you hands while gaming.

  • Mark

    I cannot find any reliable info on this anywhere on the Internet – does this laptop have separate slots for the HDD and SDD or do you have to use an SSHD?

    • Erik Kubica

      Hello, yes it has m.2 slot + sata slot i have m.2 ssd + separate hdd
      WDC WD10SPCX-24HWST1
      – SATA type SATA-III 6.0Gb/s
      – Manufacturer SAMSUNG
      – Interface Unknown (should be m.2) for some reason speccy does not recognize it.

  • Mark

    Hi Erik,

    thanks for your quick response. I’m about to order this laptop, but since there’s really no reviews on the Internet I will feel free to ask for your opinion. How would you rate the laptop after having it for a few weeks? The things I’m most concerned about are the hinges (read a few reviews about the Y700 model and that its hinges are fairly fragile, don’t know if it’s the case on the 700 model as well), and the ease of getting to the HDDs/RAM via the bottom cover (if you’ve opened it).

    • Erik Kubica

      it feels just fantastic. From viewpoint of gaming i can play dota and wow (even when i turn down max processor state in power settings to 81% (2.2ghz) in windows power manager to keep tempnatures under 73 celsius all settings maxed out) otherwise it goes up to 97. Wifi is super stable (not like n acers). With little tweking you can also get 4 finger virtual desktop switching. Battery life is also acceptable 5-6 hours while changing max processor state (its 45wh cpu) drains battery and pushes heat into sky while on 100% processor state. But even with 2.2ghz it´s super fast and handles everything, sometimes i cannot notice that i am not running at full cpu speed, so the i7 skylake has no competitors. So i just want to say that performance is awesome. Plastic screen leaves dirt marks(lines) on metal body but it can be really easily washed down (sometimes even with finger swipe).

      And about opening it, i have opened all my notebooks to add more ram or ssd or jsut to examinate it, but this notebook is beauty that just works perfectly out of the box. But it should be the same as Y700 (what i can see over fan intake, and exhaust is also same) so it should be very identical.

      • khal

        what about the hinge? cos y700 have a common hinge problem and i wonder if it also apply to this 700 series. i have a samsung i5 ultra and there is also hinge problem, seem like the same design of opening have a higher chance of getting a defect hinge

        • Erik Kubica

          hinges holds pretty good. image that you are sitting on train from 40 years before on trails that are crap (your body is jumping while sitting because of seats that contains strings) and you have notebook on legs. in this situation they also hold its position (but display is jumping back and forward regardless of this hinges holds the position of display)

  • Marek

    I bought a Lenovo Ideapad 700-15 i5-6300/8GB/240 SSD/Win10 and I have a problem with a “clicking/hissing” noise while browsing the web in Microsoft Edge – almost every move of the mouse coursor triggered a very silent but hearable noise, I found another user that had the same problem – he “solved” it by changing the Windows Power Plan to Save – but this obviously reduces the processor performance. No HDD so should be siletnt except for the fan.
    Similar problem described in http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/302716-31-weird-buzzing-noise-moving-mouse
    Can you listen to your laptop and check if you have noise like this?

  • Marek

    thx for checking, I will replace my piece

  • Ang

    Hi Erik,
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the laptop, really appreciate it. I am kind of concerned with laptop display generally. If you don’t mind can you download a software to detect the model of the display panel on your laptop and tell me the result? You can download it from http://www.hwinfo.com/download.php or perhaps you have another software to detect hardware on laptop I don’t mind. THANKS!

  • Erik Kubica

    Ang this review you have posted is about TFT display and of its tft color accuary. On my model I have IPS.

  • Lázár

    Ahoj Erik!

    Plánujem kúpiť notebook Ideapad 700 alebo Y700 s rovnakými špecifikáciami (Intel i7-6700HQ, 16GB RAM, GTX950 4GB, 1TB+256GB SSD), ale neviem rozhodnúť. Vedel by si mi povedať aké významné rozdiely sú medzi nimi? Odporúčaš Ideapad 700 na programovanie, na príležitostné hranie a na lahšie grafické úlohy (Photoshop, After Effects, Maya), alebo mal by som kúpiť Y700, lebo to má lepšiu grafickú kartu?

    Ako aj ostatní už pýtali, otváranie krytu nie je príliš lahké, sú závesy dostatočne silné? Bolo by dobré, keby vytrvalo niekoľko rokov, lebo to bude môj prvý počítač!

    • Erik Kubica

      Magyar vagy igaz? Magyar írás nem az eróségem.

      700 és a 700Y kozott nincs sok kulombség. Ami a grafikus kártyát illeti nincs kozottuk sok kulombség, oszintén, normál ember észre sem veszi. Azt hogy enyhébb játszásra / grafikára ajánlom, csak anyit jelent hogy vannak más notebook-ok amiknek 2x ilyen teljesítményú kártyáik vannak de 2x anyiba is kerulnek. Dota2, WoW, CS… bármit elvisz maximumon úgy hogy a proci le van lasítva 90%-ra hogy ne érje el a 85+ homérsékletet. Alap menetben 35-40 kozott alat tartja magát.

      Még nem szedtem szét a gépet, nem is készulok (kinézetre csak pár csavarnak túnik és egyszerúnek szétszedni) de nincs rá semien okom 🙂 ami 5 év alatt az elsó alkalom, hogy nem akarok szét szedni valamit darabokra.

      Ami azt illeti hogy meliket válaszd, inkább az donti el, hogy hogyan néz ki a gép magában + a használt anyagok minósége. Soha nem láttam személyesen a Y700-at de szerintem a 700, job anyagokból készult (alapul véve azt, hogy a 700 úgymond újab széria, és így nagyobb tapasztalattal rakták ossze).

    • Lázár

      Írtam e-mailt.

  • Daniel Kogan

    Hi, im glad i found your review here cuz theres really not many sources where i can read about this laptop or wach a video review about it, your review of this laptop is really helpful. i read somewhere that the keyboard on Lenovo leptops are not so good. The keys are working good only if you press it in the center of the key and are not always work when you press the key on the corner, can you agree with that? is the same thing happening on your Lenovo? And another thing is the screen. is it hase a glare? i meen the view angels…Up until yesterday i was planning to buy an Asus X556UB leptop.but then i saw this one and its pritty nice..im soon gonna start study programming and i need some good keyboard and a lightweight(kind of a ultrabook) laptop..thanks.

  • Daniel Kogan

    and another thing..does the keyboard flex when you typing? or is it made of a hard enough plastic to not flex..not the cheap flexibel type of plastic i hope

    • Erik Kubica

      Hi, if zou will read article carefully you will notice that keyboard area is from metal(aluminium). There is zero flex. In my case screen is antiglare ips with good color range. Back to the keyboard. Acers have this keyboard issue that you need to press them in middle.

  • Daniel Kogan

    Thanks for quick answer. Overall do you satisfied with the build quality of this laptop?

    • Erik Kubica

      i am very statisfied, i had asus notebook 4 years ago, lenovo b590 3 years ago and thinkpad l450 few moths ago, and i need to say that thinkpad´s display was more stable (but smaller 13″ and also thicker, so it was more “stable” when using on legs or on train). but in overall its still better build quality they any of my previous notebooks. my boss who has macbook pro, was suprised in build quality when he grabbed my notebook in hands. so i think that clear answer when comparing Apples to oranges

  • Stjepan

    Can lenovo 700 run windows 7 without drivers problems and any problems?

  • Hakan

    you said previous answer that ideapad 700 have m.2 slot for ssd. are you sure? because i call lenovo service in turkey, ideapad 700 can’t be installed SSD. I do not think the service was very knowledgeable about this model. How can I be sure? or how do i installed SSD?

    • Erik Kubica

      If i understood you correctly then yes, i have NVMe drive which goes into m2 slot
      Manufacturer SAMSUNG
      Serial Number 2SV7XNGA0B4120
      Firmware Version Number L4Q0XB7V

  • boychester

    Do you know if the memory can be upgraded by ourselves? How many ram slot is there?

    • Erik Kubica

      Hi there, sorry for later response. There is 2 slots, personally my came with 2x 4GB. so no empty slot left. so if i want to upgrade i need to throw away some of them and buy new bigger ones.

  • Miao Fen

    Thank you for the review.. Wanna ask do u face any problem with the battery when it’s fully charged but then suddenly the laptop display low battery level.. Then in a few seconds, revert back to normal battery level.

  • miaofen

    Guess I need to call Lenovo when I’m free to check what’s the problem.. Called them but unable to solve the problem 2 weeks ago

  • greg

    Hi there,
    Thanks for the all around review. Let me ask please the Graphics card is ddr3 or ddr5?

  • nick

    everything is good about this laptop except the battery. the display is delicious.

    I’m still thinking whether to get this. it is slim, but horrible battery.

    • Erik Kubica

      Hi, dont worry about battery, in real live on this architecture + i7 you can set windows power manager to use on battery 50% cpu, its more than enough for anything you can do on battery while on the go. For example on battery cpu state on 95% min 5% i am using phpstorm, virtualbox, chrome + firefox, skype, thunderbird, listening youtube and i can get about 3 hours, when i don´t watch video and virtualbox 4 hours of work is no problem (brightnss on half). So it´s really really good for slim (gpu+cpu, dual cooler) notebook. Also note that “performance” mode where cpu min freq is 100% and max freq also, its wast of energy, i have taskmanager minimised always to see how much is cpu undeer load, i rarely go above 50%. If i go above, its for only few seconds.

  • SH

    Hey Erik,
    Thanks for the review.
    Does the keyboard have backlight?

  • robert

    hi erik i wanna ask is this laptop support single channel or dual channel ram?

  • Henry

    Quick question. Does this laptop have a battery that is user removable (basically pops in and out ) Or you have to remove a back panel with screws to get to the battery(soldered onto motherboard)? Thanks!

    • Erik Kubica

      Hi, it´s non removable until bottom panel is not screwed down.

      • Sexy Porkchops

        What about after you remove the bottom panel and then take out the battery? The reason I ask is because if you have battery in and you constantly run in AC, you can drastically shorten the battery life. I know because I had a laptop plugged in and when I needed the battery, I only had 1/2 hour from a full charge. So my question is will computer still work if you remove the battery and then screw back on the bottom panel and use the plug? Thank you!

  • Emanuil Tolev

    Kind of a silly question, but I cannot find the answer *anywhere* so far on the Internet. How much does the thing weigh? (In kg, in lbs, whatever unit you like most. Kg I presume :).)

  • Khaqan

    Its is not a good product, Looks and style is Good, but don’t think its look like core i 7 6700hq with 6MB cache , because it take round about 1.5 minutes means: more than 90 seconds when it during its start up :/ , where as no heavy program is installed , I bought this yesterday and install 3,4 simple usage programs. China is still china :/ …

    • Erik Kubica

      Hi. Startup speed is not about cpu. Start up speed is more about your hard drive. You probably got some cheap edition with slow hdd. Mine boots up in about 15 second while booting it starts up also local webserver, slow avast, etc. Even 10 year old pc with 400mhz cpu can boot up under 30 secons if you place ssd inside.

    • Erik Kubica

      Or maybe you just got fake product, donno where you bought it for how much. Also there is chance that something is wrong in windows installation, i had similar problems few years back where some prefetch data was screwed up and i needed to do some very deep maintance

  • Khaqan

    Erik Kubica Thank you for your reply, I have sound knowledge about SSD, but before program installation it was good, but after few normal program installation, it is really slow in startup, furthermore I bought from a well know electronic store in Duabi UAE. Product still have one year warranty but didn’t satisfied me according to its cost that is 42000 AED. So I think Dell and other brands are more better relating to internal performance. Today is the 3rd day, Window and everything is good but performance is not according to my expectations.

  • Stoian


    I want to ask does the screen uses PWM? Is there any negative flicker effect on eyes? Thanks in advance.

  • Paul Cantwell

    I can confirm that boot is only a few seconds,
    I did a clean install of W10 using a MS download. If you are talking minutes, there is something wrong.
    I’m running 81 processes, CPU 1%, Memory 3.1 GB (21%),
    Only downside I can see is a bit more pressure is required on the keyboard as mentioned

  • Sine

    It is 2,3 kg. I have it and i read in specifications. Not to heavy to carry around

  • Khairul

    Hi Erik. Recently I bought the Lenovo Ideapad 700 and so far everything is good. One thing that concerns me is that when im playing CS Global Offensive on this laptop, it only performs around 30-40 fps even with the lowest graphic settings. Do you have any idea how can I increase this laptop’s performance in gaming? Thank you

    • Erik Kubica

      Hello, you should check if graphics card automatically switches from intel to nvidia(if you have) when starting game. Maybe it just does not start. Or try to right click on CS go icon and select something like “start with graphics card” then choose nvidia. Also you can check if your nvidia card is not in powersaving mode(includin your cpu)….

  • Robin

    Hello can you tell me product code of your Lenovo Ideapad 700? I’m trying to find version with 950M gddr5. Thank you.

    • Nabih

      Hi Robin, if you’r looking for such a graphic card, go search for Lenovo y700, it’s nearly the same but more suited for gaming

  • Gregor

    Hi, Erik! Mine battery last only about, 1,5 hour when I do absolutely nothing and it is fully charged. The battery percentge is droppin like crazy, in just 5 minutes battery dropped from 100% to 94%. So do I need to use my warranty and replacce the battery or do something else?

  • Gregor

    Hi, Erik! Mine battery last only about, 1,5 hour when I do absolutely nothing and it is fully charged. The battery percentge is dropping, in just 5 minutes battery dropped from 100% to 94%. So do I need to use my warranty and replace the battery or do something else?

    • Erik Kubica

      Hi, what kind of “performance profile” you have in windows power manager? If you are using high performance in that case even in iddle it will run on maximum frequency even if cpu utilisation is zero. Also chcekch if something is running in background that uses your cpu using task manager. Because usually on new pc there are background MS processes that can run for few hours, days.. to complite/setup .net framework and other crap. Also you should give few days for battery to calibrate since time ot shows is based on statistics like on mobile phones. If non of these helps, and nothing around internet helps you should contact lenovo suuport or use warranty service. Or maybe your model got weaker battery, it can depend on your seller/warehouse from where your seller got it.

  • Patrick Taylor

    I understand that no CPU processor is offered on this unit as an upgrade, like on most computers, but can anyone tell if the processor is soldered onto the motherboard or is it possible to change to a higher Intel processor? I have upgraded to 32GB Ram, to the Samsung EVO 850 1TB as well as the m.2, PM951, but I still find this thing very slow. I know the GPU is soldered, I am just trying to find out if the CPU is also. Finally, is the Intel Graphics card upgradeable? My Nvidia card is 940M which I have found out is soldered to the motherboard. Is the Graphics card also?

  • Daniel Gough

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